This is the most common symptom that there is something wrong in your sales organization.   The usual cause is poorly defined message that doesn't create buying signals. .

Build a Better mousetrap and people will buy it! 

Not Really.    People don't buy your product, they buy what it does for them.   What value does your product provide.  

If this is a symptom you are experiencing, then you may have a problem with your message. 

Long Sales Cycles are usually caused be a lack of sales process.  

Does your team know the next step in the sales process?  

Do you have a sales process? 

Great Sales people are hard to come buy.   Have you hired someone only to be disappointed as they failed to deliver results?   

Here is why they are failing - You haven't given them the tools they need to win.  

Great sales people do not suddenly stop performing.    They fail because the company is not giving them what they need to win. 

Pricing discounting is a sign of mis-alignment.    If your pricing is aligned with your value proposition, discounting doesn't happen.  

Time to re-evaluate what message you are delivering to the market!

Forecasting revenue is a science not an art - as long as you know what you are doing.    

This symptom is a sign that your team is not estabishing URGENCY in their sale cycle.    Just because a prospect NEEDS what you are selling, does not mean they have the URGENCY to buy it. 

Are you spending a fortune on Google?  

Social Media marketing cost you a fortune?

If you are spending money on these marketing activities and seeing low results, it may be a sign that your not selling.    Marketing should be creating a constant stream of leads for your business, but if you don't have the sales skills to close them, then your wasting your money. 

Are you churning through sales reps?

What is that costing you?

Why are they leaving?

This is a sign of major problems in your sales culture.  Your process is misaligned.  Your messaging is wrong.   

You have a great product that solves a big problem, but people are not buying it.

If you are not getting the traction you are expecting, it may mean that there is no URGENCY in your market. 

If you have a channel and they are not producing, then this is a symptom of one of these core issues: 

  • Your pitching them product - they don't care
  • You have not aligned your channel with those that buy your solution.
  • You are expecting them to sell for you.  

Proven Process.
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