Sales Made Easy for Entrepreneurs.

Invest Two Days for Success

Sales is simply the Art and Science of Successful Conversations!

Learn the process to start, manage, and close win/win sales conversations!

You are an entrepreneur and have a great solution.

You have SOME paying customers.

You have some revenue, but not enough!

The result…  YOU must generate revenue!

And you’re thinking…

Sales success starts with one simple question… Why do they care?

As a entrepreneur you have developed great technology.   You have had early success and now it’s time to grow!

That is why we have created our workshop…

Two Day Agenda

Here is what to expect in our workshop.

Day One

  • Learn how to start the conversation

Day Two

  • Learn how to manage the conversation
  • Learn how to help the customer buy from you

What Our Clients Are Saying

Some kind words from our awesome clients!

Small interactive workgroup with diverse companies made for excellent exchange of ideas

John Harrickley

VP Business Development, Nexgen Customer Experience

We received clarity on the value of our organization and the skills to move our conversations and pitches from interest to success. The exercise of jointly crafting our value statements was extremely effective and provided great insight into each company.

Jason Field

CEO, Life Sciences Ontario

Our challenge was we were doing a lot of free trials and call activity with a very low close rate. Now with our clearly defined value proposition we quickly qualify the serious from the non-serious prospects and focus our time more effectively.

Walt Karabin

Founder, Luuma

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