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When you’re launching or running a business, you owe it to yourself to know a lot about sales. That’s what our entrepreneur sales training is all about.  The Get More Sales Academy will help you learn all aspects of sales, including how to truly manage a sales team.

In addition to being entrepreneurs themselves, our instructors are experienced sales executives with track records of success and over 25 years of experience.

Why Entrepreneur Sales Training?

Skills on Demand,
Tailor-made for You!

Get More Sales Academy

Whether entrepreneur, consultant or small business owner, we can help you…

  • Understand sales
  • Generate Leads
  • Get Salespeople really performing
Save Time with On-Demand Video
All Academy courses are on-demand for self-paced learning… the best way to fit your busy schedule.

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Learn how easy sales can be! It’s a necessary skill for all entrepreneurs and it no longer has to be difficult.

What will you learn?

The 7 Laws of Sales

Sales Law #1

Sell your Value Not your Product

The customer doesn't care about your product, only what it does for them.
Sales Law #2

Get Permission to Start Selling

Learn how to have the prospect engage YOU so you don't feel SALESY!
Sales Law #3

Shut up and Listen!

Stop pitching, Stop Talking, and Listen to your prospect!
Sales Law #4

Shut up and Ask Questions!

Questions create credibility!

Sales Law #5

Sales is 80% Art & 20% Science

The Art is Knowing when to Apply the Science!
Sales Law #6

We Make Emotional Decisions & Justify them with Logic

Find the topics that create emotion in your conversations!
Sales Law #7

Sales are Earned One Step at a Time!

Know the steps it takes to close a sale.

Get More Sales Services

If Fractional Revenue Officers is not your thing, here are our other services.
Fractional Revenue Officers
When you hire our revenue officers, you get our proven method that drives growth.
Fractional Sales Executives
Get More Sales Fractional Sales executives provide you an alternative to hiring a sales team.
Just-in-Time Sales Program
Find your first unfriendly customers and validate your solution.

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