We Published a Book

August 12, 2021by Robert Kinch

We are proud to announce that we published a book – our first book.

Sales Made Easy for Entrepreneurs

Many of our customers have experienced our process and method to drive revenue for their organizations. To help those customers apply what they have learned, we felt that it was necessary to give them something portable. The result is our new book, Sales Made Easy for Entrepreneurs. In our book we teach you specifically how to sell your value and not your product so that you can make more margin, and close more orders. Here is a little taste of why you might want to read it:

If you are an entrepreneur and you are struggling with selling your idea, solution or product, then this is the book is for you. Rob and Frank have outlined a practical process that ANYONE can follow. This systematic approach to sales is driven by over 60 years of combined experience and it is specifically tailored to entrepreneurs. You will learn that sales is a process, not a product nor a person, and that you can always pitch your products and survive, but if you really want to thrive as a business, you must sell value.

Rob and Frank’s process has driven predictable growth in hundreds of businesses resulting in millions in sales. It is simple, and not complicated. In fact, it is based on harnessing the power of something we do every day – having conversations. “

book cover sales made easy for entrepreneurs

Kindle or Paperback You can purchase the book on Amazon in electronic format for your Kindle device, or you can order the paperback. If you enjoy the book, we would really appreciate a review. Simply go back to our book page and leave a review. We hope you enjoy the read. We enjoyed writing it.

by Robert Kinch

Rob’s 25+ years transforming and scaling sales departments into successful operations allows him to develop a unique sales process for your predictable growth.