Fire your Sales Team! Hire Fractional Sales Instead!

August 12, 2023by Robert Kinch

Fractional Sales vs Full-time sales

We have a saying, “Sales is a process not a person!”. To illustrate this, first let me give you an example of how most entrepreneurs end up hiring salespeople.

They have an idea that becomes a solution to a problem for one customer. They work out the bugs, and voila, they have a product. They personally use their referral network to find another customer, and then another, and before long they have their first few customers, some of whom are paying, and they have a business.

The business grows by referral to the point when they can start hiring talent to make the product better. At some point the referrals start to dry up, and that’s when they conclude, “maybe I need to hire a salesperson”.

Now it’s time to hire a salesperson. What do they look for? Typically, someone who knows the technology, isn’t too expensive, (junior), and is willing to get paid by commission. They find someone fresh out of college with one- or two-years experience, and they hire them. Unfortunately, after producing no results after 9 months they let them go.

What happened?

They didn’t understand that “Sales is a process not a person”. The person they hired needed more support than a phone and an email address. They needed a process.

Fractional Sales provides an alternative to hiring a salesperson.

What are Fractional Sales?

Fractional sales provide you with a complete team and a business development system for less than the price of hiring a junior salesperson. You get automated lead generation, inside sales, senior salespeople, and sales management, for a monthly fee and commission.

It is an alternative for a business entrepreneur that is chief of everything and needs to offload the headaches of sales which is an area they are not so good at.

Is Fractional sales right for you?

I thought I would lay out some of the pros of fractional sales, and of course to be fair, the cons.


No burden
  • Avoid having to worry about the usual costs that go along with hiring an employee such as: employment insurance, benefits, payroll taxes. All of which can increase the cost by up to 15%. Simply pay a monthly fixed fee.
Avoid salary headaches
  • No need to hire a payroll company. Simply pay a monthly invoice. (If you’d like to learn what it costs you can visit )
No Employee performance reviews
  • No need to worry about rating your employees and get into the arguments about performance. I don’t know how many times I worried about an employee leaving because they didn’t like their rating. With fractional sales it’s easy to measure performance: We win when we close deals for you.
You don’t have to manage the sales team
  • How much time do you have? When you hire a salesperson, it’s not as simple as giving them a computer and telling them to make calls. There are many hours spent managing them. Do you know how to manage them to drive performance? We manage our team for you.
No need to hire
  • Hiring the right person, can take a few months. Then comes the probation period, and after about 6 months, you know whether you have a good one – or not. Our team is already in place and is up and running in 30 days.
Easy to fire
  • Nothing like getting rid of an under-performing rep. Depending on your state, country, or province, it can be a big headache. I hate to say it, but we’re easy to fire. If you’re not happy with our service or results, simply end the agreement. No severance. No headaches.
Hiring means One person, focused on one thing at a time
  • There are only so many hours in a day for a salesperson to sell. On average, they are only talking to prospects about 2 ½ hours every day. The rest of the time is spent on “other” stuff. Fractional sales give you a team of people executing each part of the sales cycle, for less than the cost of a junior sales rep.
Quality salespeople can be costly
  • We find that most companies really need a mid-level or a senior salesperson, but they settle for a junior person because of budgets. With fractional sales, you share the cost of a senior salesperson with over 25 years of experience. So, you get senior skill for less money.


Less control over the day to day
  • Yep, you have to give up some control and let us do the work. We have been doing this a long time, and we have a process and a system that works.
Not in the office
  • Many entrepreneurs like to see people in desks in the office. We’re not about that. We would rather be talking to prospects and customers all day and because we are remote, we can reach out anywhere in North America. We spend our days on video calls.
No in person selling in most cases
  • We find that most solutions don’t need in-person selling. If that works for you, then we can work for you.

At Get More Sales, we help you get more sales with less risk. In other words, you get a team of salespeople, for less money, that produce results. Fractional sales are not for everyone, but it may be right for you. So why not reach out to us and find out.

by Robert Kinch

Rob’s 25+ years transforming and scaling sales departments into successful operations allows him to develop a unique sales process for your predictable growth.