Fire Your Sales Team and Hire Fractional Instead

Fractional Sales vs Full-time sales We have a saying, “Sales is a process not a person!”.   To illustrate this, first let me give you an example of how most entrepreneurs end up hiring salespeople.   They have an idea that becomes a solution to a problem for one customer.   They work out the bugs, and […]

How to Grow Your Business Faster

How to Grow your Business Faster  Have you had revenue success and now your growth has stalled?   Perhaps you are a Startup and you are thinking, “How can I grow my business?”.  Regardless of where you are in the growth of your company, there is one thing you can do to grow faster.   If you focus on this one thing, and […]

Are You Selling to the Wrong People?

Are you Selling to the Wrong People? Have you ever experienced the annoying sales person selling you something you don’t want? It may have been a retail experience in a store when the sales person jumps on you.   Maybe it was at a trade show when someone wanted to give you a demo of their […]

How to get 50% of your Prospects to Call You…

Ever wonder why your prospects don’t respond to your voicemail, well in this article you find out why.  Learn how to use this key concept to get your prospects to call you back.   Stop pitching and start selling! Curiosity Killed the Cat is a proverb used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or […]

Sales People are a Waste of Money!

Are you ready to hire sales people?   Before you spend the $60K+ you should think about a few things first.    Maybe you’re not ready yet.   Read on to find out what you may be missing.. When you hear this, does it trigger any thoughts? Have you ever hired a sales person only to have that […]