Get More Sales Hands-On Workshop

Get More Sales Hands-On Workshop

Wednesday September 19th 2018 - Thursday September 20th 2018

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Cutten Fields

Presented in Partnership with Bioenterprise Corporation

Sales is simply the Art and Science of Successful Conversations!

Learn the process to start, manage, and close win/win sales conversations!

You are an entrepreneur and have a great solution.

You have SOME paying customers.

You have some revenue, but not enough!

The result…  YOU must generate revenue!

And you’re thinking…

“I’m uncomfortable with sales?”

“How do I start the conversation?”

“What do I say?”

“I Hired sales people and it didn’t work out?”

“I’m spending on google and ads and I have no sales?”

“I’ve got leads but no sales!”

Join us for this 2-Day, intensive program.

The 2 Day Agenda:

Day 1:      

  • Learn how to start the conversation

Day 2:

  • Learn how to manage the conversation
  • Learn how to help the customer buy from you