Revenue Strategy Workshop

Revenue Strategy Workshop

Wednesday June 13th 2018 - Thursday June 14th 2018

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Hilton Garden Inn

Learn the Model that Builds Effective Revenue Focused Organizations & Investor Interest and get more sales!

  • Commercialized and need a Revenue Strategy?
  • Hired Good Sales People but Low Results?
  • Investors not Interested?
  • Prospects Taking Too Long to Close?
  • Big Marketing Spend but Low Results?

Revenue success starts with one simple question…. So what? 

Why should your prospects buy from you?   What is your Value — to them?

We will build your value and teach you how to build your entire conversation around it!  Whether you are having the conversation digitally through your marketing team, or in person through your sales team,  it’s the same.

Join us for this 2-Day, intensive program.

The 2 Day Agenda:

Day 1:      

  • Develop your unique under 10 second elevator pitch that secures investor interest.
  • Develop your client-focused pitch that promotes revenue growth.

Day 2:

  • Define your unique sales cycle
  • Learn how to Identify & Manage your metrics
  • Learn how to move your conversations to success