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Most companies use the Ready-Fire-Aim approach to sales, and it costs them money.   They believe that if they need more leads, they should buy google ads or do social media.  If they need more revenue, they just hire a sales person.  We believe in Ready-Aim-Fire.   Slow down to speed up and plan your revenue.   Know what you’re saying! Who are you saying it to? How and When to Say it?  Whether you feel you need MORE LEADS or BETTER SALESPEOPLE, it all starts with the right strategy.    Predictable Growth starts with Strategy – a Revenue Strategy.

So how do you know what to say? Who to say it to? And How and When to say it?  You need our Get More Growth Engine.

Get More Growth is a one-on-one engagement.  We help you pivot your business from selling products to selling value.   Unlike our Get More Workshops, these are one-on-one custom engagements designed specifically around your business.  We work with you and your executive team to create the revenue foundation for rapid growth. 

It starts with a dynamic strategy.   Through a series of strategic workshops, we will create your revenue strategy.   But a strategy without a tactical plan is useless, so we then build a tactical plan from the strategy.   Finally we can help you execute the plan – if you want us to.

The Foundation for Revenue Growth

Most companies that are revenue challenged are missing two key elements:  A customer Value proposition, and the knowledge of where to focus that value proposition.   We believe you should understand your value and the find the market that will respond best to that value.   These two elements create the foundation for predictable growth. 

Get More Value

Our first session with every customer, is our value proposition workshop.   Predictable growth starts with selling value, not your product.    This is the number one reason companies are revenue challenged.   Why don’t they sell their value?    They don’t know how to articulate it.  In this workshop, we will help you develop the true value proposition for your company – from your customers perspective – and articulate your value.    In other words, figure out what to say.

Get More Focus

Once you have figured out what to say, now you have to figure out who to say it to?  Most companies burn cash trying to do this.   There is a market that will respond to your value, you just have to find it.   They are the most likely to give you money.   In this session we will identify the market/s that are the fastest route to revenue.

Get More Pipeline

Generating predictable revenue starts with your pipeline of opportunities.   What drives your pipeline? Your communications strategy.   Once we have built your value message, we now help you establish where and how to deliver it.   This results in a detailed marketing playbook that will define the tactics needed to create a continuous flow of opportunities for your pipeline.

Get More Orders

Just because you have more pipeline, doesn’t mean you are going to get more revenue.  We will help you define your sales conversation and define your process for turning a lead into an order.   This results in a detailed sales playbook that allows you to duplicate your sales conversation and ensure consistent revenue.

Get More Brand

When you have defined your value, your focus market and your customer facing processes, you are ready to define and create your brand.   You brand is not your logo, it is bigger than that.   We will help you create your brand strategy that represents who you are and what you stand for.   This results in a branding playbook that details all aspects of your brand.

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If our Get More Growth sessions seem a little too much for you, perhaps our Get More Workshops may be a better fit.  You may also be interested in coaching or sales people. 

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These one on many sessions are designed for early stage, cash flow sensitive businesses.

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Our Fractional sales executives understand our method. Get senior skill at a fraction of the price.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Some kind words from our awesome clients!

Get More Sales provided us a practical step by step approach to determine our growth strategy and the “How To” approach of Sales conversation for AgriLux™ Lighting Systems

Alex Thies

President, Agrilux

The Get More Sales Revenue Workshops truly helped us understand the sales process. Having hired salespeople in the past, unsuccessfully, Rob and Frank helped us realize that creating revenue is a process. It can’t be solved by simply by hiring someone. As a result, we were able to capture our value in a simple and concise message, leverage that to stop chasing the wrong prospects and ensure that our services were priced to showcase our value. Overall it was a great learning experience!

Stephen Simmons

CEO, TNG Networks

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity of taking part in the Get More Sales Revenue Workshops. Get More Sales was able to help simplify our core value program into a very clear and concise message that turns the sales process into a natural business discussion. The workshops were exciting and filled with valuable recommendations and real-life examples … Robert and Frank helped bring CONTROL to our sales process!

Michael Macaro

Director, Business Development, Mobile Computing Corp