Get More Margin Workshops.


Stop Pitching – Sell Value – Start Growing!


Get More Margin

Our Get More Revenue workshops start the process for more margin. You must clarify and articulate your unique business value message that interests serious buyers before you can begin to increase your margin. Our unique method identifies the value your clients want and why you exist for them. When we say, “Stop Pitching and Sell Value”, we mean message what interests your client – value. Clients pay for value!

Once we define your revenue value proposition, we can now work on your margin improvement. The key to increasing margin is to align it with your business value proposition. To do this, we build your pricing matrix based on an ROI analysis. If you understand the monetary return your customers receive by purchasing your solution, you will gain confidence in your value proposition.

What’s the Purpose?

Our Get More Margin workshops are delivered as one-on-one sessions. It takes several days to complete what is needed to create a margin strategy that delivers more to your bottom line. This is all about the numbers and more importantly the perception of your bottom-line price to the customer. If your customers perceive that your solution is worth the price, you eliminate resistance. To do this takes some work, but when you do, you will see these benefits:

Faster sales cycles because you have less resistance.

Increased margin per order – sometimes as much as 100%

Knowing what to ask and say to justify your new price.

Confidence in your negotiations because you can quantify your value to the customer.

Understand your true value to your customers.

Revenue process that helps you sell more value and eliminate price resistance.

What do you Get?


Our Get More Margin workshops take four days with executives. They start with defining your revenue value proposition and move though your entire revenue process ending with pricing strategy.


  • Statement that focuses the company on their core value which can now be leveraged to build alignment of all revenue functions.
  • Alignment of executive team so that all are on the same page and saying the same thing
  • Understanding of the value that the company delivers to its customers
  • Tagline that summarizes the core value to create dissonance and stimulate interest in the company
  • Alignment of executives on the routes to revenue
  • Alignment of the sales and marketing functions on their markets and the communication of the company value
  • Revenue conversation for both sales and marketing that effectively closes orders faster
  • Specific Lead to order revenue cycle that shortens the sales cycle
  • Identification of the markets and profiles most likely to deliver revenue with little resistance.
  • Product/service messaging aligned so as to reduce customer resistance.
  • Pricing matrix focused on value-based pricing that maximizes margin and limits market resistance.
  • Revenue strategy document that maximizes margin and pricing


Get started and get re-focused.   If you feel your margin is waning and you would like to increase it, then give us a call.  Maybe we can help. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

Some kind words from our awesome clients!

“…We were able to double our margin and got our first order with very little resistance.”



“ Learned how to get a buying signal in under 8 seconds…”

Bioenterprise classroom workshop


“They gave us confidence & the structured process to help us see the value we delivered to our customers and Get More Sales actively participated in kick starting our revenue in 90 days”.

Cher Mereweather

CEO, Provision Coalition

“Sales is a Process not a Person and putting the systems will save us a lot of money and I can do the selling. Building our unique sales cycle made it all clear, money and time well spent.”

Bioenterprise classroom workshop


“This was a very motivating and thought provoking excercise…  continue to focus on what we do best and grow from the core value of what the company was born of. – HealthySkin.””

Sharon Quann



“ I will bring the value statement to the executive team … it will be the start of our vision, mission, and core values process and will refocus us on revenue and profit.”

Scott Spencer

COO, Honibe