Fractional Sales Executives.

Hire a Fractional Sales Executive

Have you ever hired junior sales people and they spent 6 months learning how to sell your solution? Six months later, you still had poor results.  Perhaps you’re just getting ready to hire a sales team and you’re not sure what to do.  The truth is hiring sales people and especially sales executives may or may not be in your comfort zone.  The risk is high and so is the cash outlay so why not ease into it by leveraging our cash flow sensitive alternative – fractional sales.  Here are some of the pitfalls of doing it all yourself.

Sales Team Pitfalls

Reps are Not Talking to Customers

If you’re lucky your sales people spend two hours per day on the phone or visiting customers / prospects.  The rest of the time they are doing admin or other work.   If you haven’t nailed down your sales process, then you  have a very expensive resource doing low cost work and they are not talking to revenue generating customers.

Reps are doing two Jobs

If you are asking your sales people to wear the marketing and sales hats, your revenue will be waning.  These are two completely different skills sets and only a rare individual can do both.   If you are asking your sales team to do both marketing and sales, they will spend all their time on marketing (because they need to learn it) and less time selling.  This is expensive!

Reps are building strategy and expected to close business

Good Sales people are coin operated, meaning you pay them a good commission and they close business.   Building a strategy is not in their skill set and as a result they will spend their time building the strategy and not selling.  This is very costly.

Junior Reps doing Senior work

Hiring someone straight out of school, giving them a phone, and then expecting them to deliver revenue is a great way to burn cash.   They just don’t have the skills.  You must train them. 

Reps are selling without a process

Your sales team simply wants to talk to prospects and get orders.  If they have to package the products, resolve customer service issues, invoice the client, or deliver your services, then they are not talking to customers.  How much is this costing you?

Fractional Sales Executives

Our team of fractional sales executives are experienced sales individuals that understand how to sell value.   They understand our system, and are ready to execute right away – no training required.   Whether you have experienced any of the problems above, or maybe, your just starting out on your hiring journey, our team can help you get results.

What is a fractional sales executive?

  • They are experienced sales people with over 25 years of experience selling value.
  • They are fractional because they work for you part time:  one, two or three days a week.
  • They work with no more than 3 clients at a time.
  • If you have engaged us to do your revenue strategy, then all they do is sell – no time wasted doing the “other stuff.

What’s in it for you?

  • You get senior, experienced people for a fraction of what you would pay for someone with an equivalent skill set.
  • You don’t have to hire a full time sales person, allowing you to take less risk as you scale up your business.
  • There is NO 6 month training period, our team is ready to sell right away.

We're Here to Help!

Don’t let a lack of the right people stunt your growth!

Our fractional sales executives have the expertise to help you grow.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Some kind words from our awesome clients!

Small interactive workgroup with diverse companies made for excellent exchange of ideas

John Harrickley

VP Business Development, Nexgen Customer Experience

We received clarity on the value of our organization and the skills to move our conversations and pitches from interest to success. The exercise of jointly crafting our value statements was extremely effective and provided great insight into each company.

Jason Field

CEO, Life Sciences Ontario

Our challenge was we were doing a lot of free trials and call activity with a very low close rate. Now with our clearly defined value proposition we quickly qualify the serious from the non-serious prospects and focus our time more effectively.

Walt Karabin

Founder, Luuma

The training was excellent and I learned a lot in just two days. The most important new skill I developed was the ability to ask right questions and secure buying signals!

Bioenterprise Workshop Participent


I learned A LOT!! It is easy to look at the big picture and think of all your offerings but you need to step back and re-evaluate the benefits. As a marketer I never thought to look for buying signals though it is very relevant to marketers.        Thanks so much.

Sophie Wotten

Marketing, Bioenterprise

I loved this workshop! This workshop taught me the importance of always listening to my clients and how easy it is to get caught up in the how we do it and not the why we do it for the client.

Jasper Munroe

Business Development, Agsights

Sales is a Process not a Person and putting the systems will save us a lot of money and I can do the selling. Building our unique sales cycle made it all clear, money and time well spent.

Bob Benner

CEO, Hamill APS


Well I learned to stop boring my audience, shut up and stop lecturing! Have a conversation and have the conversation with prospects that have interest in our message and give me a buying signal. Conversational selling.

Martin Kurylowicz

Director New Product Development, Mirexus

I learned and developed my message and how to identify my brand. Also now I know how to have valuable conversations with people of value and create curiosity.” This has been the most amazing experience and important for my career.

Andrea Orazi

Co Founder, The Chufa Co