Agrilux Lighting Systems

Agrilux Lighting Systems provides tailor-made lighting systems to poultry farmers increasing their poulty productivity and lowering their operating costs.

Agrilux Lighting Systems began as a joint effort between the University of Guelph and Thies Electrical Distribution Co.  Research scientist Grégoy Bédécarrats had established that by simply changing the spectrum lighting in poultry barns to red or green, a farmer can drastically improve productivity. Thies Electrical commercialized this technology and produced a bulb that was resilient and could be used in commercial poultry barns. They began marketing the “bulb” and realized that they were on to something. However, sales were slow and  infrequent. They needed help to change the trend.


Get More Sales provided us a practical step by step approach to determine our growth strategy and the “How To” approach of Sales conversation for AriLux™ Lighting Systems “

The Problem

Agrilux was challenged with generating sales and dealing with the farmer perception that they were buying bulbs.   This created alot of price objections and lower margins.   They were pitching their product and not selling their value.

  • Thies Electrical had created the brand name “Agrilux” but had not built their brand strategy around it. Their approach to sales was hap-hazard, with no real strategy for growth.
  • Their lack of strategy was putting pressure on margins and was impacting profitability. This resulted in lower sales and more competition.
  • Thies Electrical knew that to grow at a better pace, they needed to invest in sales, but organic growth meant that cash flow was limited.  They needed to hire the expertise and needed a source of funds.

The Solution

Agrilux – Poultry lighting systems that increase production while lowering costs. This is the true value of Agrilux to a poultry farmer. No longer was Agrilux selling bulbs – they were selling lighting systems.
Their systems drastically improve the bottom line of a poultry farmer. They simply weren’t telling anyone. Get More Sales build the revenue growth strategy for Agrilux
based on this value proposition. They then identified the markets in North America that best fit this value proposition.


Agrilux now had a brand image that reflected the value it delivered to customers and were able to communicate that value in their marketing and sales messaging.  Second, their value position allowed Agrilux to align their price with their value, improve their margins and their customers were willing to pay for that value.  Third, they had a process and conversation that would turn leads in to revenue and they understood how to use it. Finally, Agrilux Lighting Systems sold more within the first 6 months of their rebranding than the previous year – a 50% increase.

Case Study

Agrilux Case Study

Agrilux Lighting Systems
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