Fluido.ai creates automated AI Conversations with your Customers so you can Focus on Growing your Business Faster with Less Labor. Let our solution handle your customer interactions, take orders, upsell, cross sell and increase your ticket size. We create cost effective conversations.

Fluido.ai began as a practical application of the work of Wessam Gad El-Rab and his company Tensorgraph.   They specialize in creating custom solutions based on predictive Artificial Intelligence.

Fluido AI helps restaurants thrive as they seek to grow in market conditions that include labour and supply chain challenges. Labour is a restaurant’s largest cost centre, and its most important connection to customers. Fluido AI’s chatbots relieve that pressure so service quality increases and labour costs decrease. We’ve made the solution simple to implement, so forward-thinking operators can easily embrace restaurant technology.

The Problem

The recent pandemic has created many business challenges for the restaurant industry.    Fluido.ai felt they had a needed solution that would benefit the restaurant industry because of the labor shortage created by the pandemic.    Many restaurants closed or changed their business model and staff were not returning to work.    As a startup, they were challenged with a cost effective way to go after this opportunity.

  • The senior team did not have the sales and marketing skills to go after the opportunity.
  • The cost of hiring a sales person or a sales team were prohibitive for an organization that was bootstrapping.
  • They were looking for their first paying customers for their solution.   To do this they had to reach out to many hundreds of decision makers in the restaurant industry. They also needed to someone to close the revenue.

The Solution

Get More Sales build the revenue growth strategy for Fluido.ai, and we delivered a fractional sales team to help find and close the first customers.  We implemented our proven Get More Growth method.

  • Define your Value
    • Our philosophy is to sell your value, not your product.  We identified the value proposition and how to message it to the market.
  • Align the business to the value
    • We build out their sales process and applied best practices.
  • Target your Value
      • We identified the Ideal Buyer profile, their industries, motivators, and business profiles.
  • Communicate your Value
    • We implemented the strategic plan and acted as their cost effective sales force.


GMS identified, prospected and closed Fluido.ai’s first 3 customers for a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) potential of over $300K annually validating their solution in the marketplace and setting them up for their first round of financing.

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