Provision Coalition

Provision Coalition increases revenue and reduces costs to elevate food brands – purposefully. They help companies make food sustainably through their consulting services and many years of expertise in helping food and beverage manufacturers create sustainable practices.

Provision Coalition was a government funded not for profit organization. A change in government meant a change in their business model.  Specifically, their funding model. They experienced a drastic cut in funding putting the entire organization at risk.

Provision had just a few months to turn things around. Luckily, they provided a great service and had several unique offerings.  Their challenge was how to pivot their business to sell their services without the government subsidies.

They gave us confidence & the structured process to help us see the value we delivered to our customers
and Get More Sales actively participated in kickstarting our revenue in 90 days

The Problem

Provision Coalition lacked the knowledge how to convert their organization to a “for-profit” enterprise.   They had limited time to become self sustaining without relying on government funding.

  • Provision Coalition had been selling their services at highly subsidized prices using the government funding to offset their costs of execution.  They were unsure if they could sell their services at full price.
  • Provision had only a few months before their funding ran out and they would have to wind down the organization
  • Provision’s business model was built as a non-profit enterprise. They had no “sales” process, pricing models, or messaging and they didn’t have the knowledge or the resources to make the shift.

The Solution

Get More Sales build the revenue growth strategy for Provision Coalition and we delivered a fractional sales team to kick-start their pipeline and close business quickly.

  • Define your Value
    • Our philosophy is to sell your value, not your product.  We identified the value proposition and how to message it to the market.
  • Align the business to the value
    • We build out their sales process and applied best practices.
  • Target your Value
      • We identified the Ideal Buyer profile, their industries, motivators, and business profiles.
  • Communicate your Value
    • We implemented the strategic plan and acted as their cost effective sales force.


Provision Coalition now has a brand image that reflects the value it delivers to customers and can communicate that value in their marketing and sales messaging.  Second, their value position allows Provision to align their price with their value, improve their margins and their customers are willing to pay for that value.  Third, they have a process and conversation that will turn leads in to revenue and they understand how to use it.

Finally, Provision Coalition engaged Get More Sales to help them sell and close new business. This resulted in 2 deals worth over $100,000 in 90 days, and a qualified pipeline of prospects.

Case Study

Provision Coalition Case Study

Provision Coalition
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90 Days