Revenue Coaching

Building your growth strategy is just the beginning. At some point you have to start using it. Whether you need help closing a deal or just figuring out the accuracy of your sales pipeline, our sales coaches have been tested in the trenches and have the ability to transfer their skills.

Why use Our Coaches?

Get More Sales Coaching

Our sales coaches are available to help you with whatever you need to close that next deal or run your next marketing campaign. Tap into our 35 years of senior sales experience with Canadian and American accounts of all sizes. We have managed sales teams, divisions, regions, national and international. We have the know-how and experience to really help you.

Consider the benefits:

  • Get fast expert answers without hiring full-time staff
  • Get advice to increase close-rate on big deals
  • Gain an independent view of your pipeline
  • Employ senior skills without the senior price tag

Here’s What You Get

When we have helped build your strategy, you may need help implementing it. Whether management coaching or field execution, we will tailor our services to meet your precise needs.

Deliverables vary as required and can include:

  • Building the sales tactical plan
  • Proposal and presentation process and skills
  • Joint calls with prospects
  • Business show preparation
  • Business show attendance
  • Help with prospecting
  • Executive coaching

Telephone Coaching

If you just need help with sales and marketing and would like to buy some advice, leverage our telephone coaching. You can purchase blocks of four, six or eight hours per month.


  • Get advice on anything related to sales and marketing
  • Leverage senior skills to hold your sales team in check with weekly forecast reviews
  • Review proposals or sales cycle status

Reduce the Risk!

There’s now no need to do it alone. The number one reason businesses fail to grow is a lack of execution… and it is usually because they are unfamiliar with implementing a strategy