Who We Serve


The agriculture market — and specifically the technology that serves it — presents unique challenges. If you’re focused in this area, you must deal with the uniqueness of the food supply chain. Whether your solution impacts farms, producers or you are selling to consumers directly, we can help you with challenges like:

Information Technology

Information technology has changed how we do everything in the last 40 years. But as the new becomes old, companies are challenged with the commoditization of their solutions. It becomes harder to close orders as information technology businesses begin competing on price. Even software companies are suffering this challenge. We can help… especially if you are dealing with the following challenges:

Service Providers

As a service provider or consultant, your core strength is not sales. Reputation is the driver of your leads and new revenue. But as more consultants and companies enter the market, new prospects become harder to find. This makes current customers even more important for your revenue. We help you differentiate your business value proposition so that you can close more new business… even when dealing with challenges like:

Not For Profit

Recent events have challenged not-for-profits with their funding. Whether it is government funds drying up or declining membership, you must look for new ways to generate income. We can help. You may be familiar with some of the issues: