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What are Your Growth Inhibitors?

Not Enough Qualified Leads

Are you saying the right thing to right market?
Do you have a communications strategy?

Great Product, Low Revenue

Is your product messaging aligned with your corporate value proposition?
Is your marketing strategy aligned with your communications strategy?

Long Sales Cycle

Is your sales cycle clearly defined and do you enforce it?
Is your client-facing strategy defined?

Great Sales People, Low Results

Does your go to market strategy include the necessary tools and processes for success?
Is your team spending more time building proposals and less time selling?

Awesome Clients

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Leverage your Personal Brand and Get More Sales

Leverage your Personal Brand and Get More Sales

Tuesday November 13, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Learn the proven skills and easy process to get more clients and build more sales! Designed specifically for Realtors! Are you new to real estate and would like and advantage over your competition? Have you experienced any of the following… “How do I attract serious clients?” “How do I start the conversation and differentiate myself?” [...]

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Sales People are a Waste of Money!

Are you ready to hire sales people?   Before you spend the $60K+ you should think about a few things first.    Maybe you're not ready yet.   Read on to find out what you may be missing.. When you hear this, does it trigger any thoughts? Have you ever hired...

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Should You Hire a Lead Generation Company?

Have you ever hired lead generation companies because you want more leads?    How did it go?   Did you get “more leads”? I think we have all had the experience of that “Lead Generation” email in our inbox.    I get about 3 per day.   They tout their...

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